Privacy Policy

RiverWorth Systems takes your privacy very seriously.  This document explains what information we do collect and how we use it.


Information We Collect

We try to minimize the amount of information we collect about our users but some things are simply unavoidable given the modern operation of computer networks.  In short, it amounts to:

  • Who you are:  We collect your email address and your name.  This is required for authentication purposes in order to grant you access to what you have a right to access and to ensure that other people do not access what they should not be able to access.  The actual authentication is done by third parties (Google and/or Apple) giving us only a token that proves you are who you say you are.  Your password and any other personal authentication information never passes through RiverWorth servers — we’ve never see it, let alone store it.
  • What you access: We of course have to keep records of those things to which your request access, either for free or through a paid subscription.  If we didn’t keep this, you wouldn’t have access.  In the case of paid subscriptions, no personal financial information (none, zero, nada) is recorded by us.  How you paid, how much you paid, and all other financial information is managed completely by third parties (Google and/or Apple) giving us only confirmation that you have paid.
  • What you do on the Web: When using a web browser to access our services, each request contains “cookies” and other information that are recorded.  This includes authentication information (i.e. who you are) as well as numerous bits of information about your browser and machine.  Such detailed web access logs are never stored longer than 180 days.
  • What you do in an App:  The simple act of using our programs sends information to our servers.  Because authentication is required in order to ensure you have access to those things to which you should have access, there is a certain amount of correlation that can be done.  Though we try to minimize this, it can’t be completely eliminated.  For example, if you are the only person who has bought a subscription to a particular region, then obviously all access to that region’s map come from you.  As more and more people gain access, you effectively get lost in the crowd.  Your IP address may also be recorded which in many cases can also be traced back to a single person.  In any event, these detailed access logs are never stored for longer than 180 days.
  • Explicit feedback:  If you explicitly provide feedback (e.g. a “star” rating or typed text) on our services or any provided content, that information is stored indefinitely and associated with you.  It is never shared with anyone outside Riverworth Systems unless you are specifically told so before that feedback is submitted.


How We Use Information We Collect

We use the information we collect from our services to provide, maintain, protect, and improve those services, to develop new ones, and to protect us and our users.  We never, under any circumstances (other than a legal law-enforcement request) give information about users to any third party, either for free or for a fee.


Authenticating Agents

As stated above, Deity uses Google (and sometimes Apple) for authentication services, allowing you to use an account already registered there.  Those services provide information to our servers but there is zero transfer of information about our users in the other direction: Neither the Deity application nor the backend servers send any information about you or your activities to these companies.