defⁿ: The rank or essential nature of a god. (DEE-ih-tee)

Conflict Resolution

Deity displays regions maps from anybody, official and unofficial sources alike.  We try to leave things as free and open as possible but conflicts do occur.


  • Most of the top-level maps used by Deity are in the public domain.  Do with them what you wish; no problem there.  Some are used under licence with the understanding that they are provided at no charge to our users.  That does not mean that they can be re-used for purposes outside of our system.  When you first visit a world, the description dialog that appears will provide copyright information for that top-level map.
  • If you submit content that infringes on the copyrighted work of another, we’ll remove it as soon as we can.  Once the conflict is resolved, you are free to upload it again.
  • If you believe that other content infringes on your copyright, you can file a DMCA Takedown request to have it removed.  As all content is uploaded by 3rd parties, the Online Copyright Infringement Liability Limitation Act of the DMCA limits Riverworth Systems in its responsibility of hosting infringing content beyond this.  Mail your takedown request to Riverworth Systems — DMCA Takedown, 55 Roquebrune, Gatineau, QC, J8T 7Y4 Canada. (Sorry, but it actually has to be a hard copy.)

Region Overlap

If two uploaded regions are found to provide roughly the same information, one of them will have to be removed in order to avoid confusion.  In general, we will operate as follows:

  1. Canonical information (i.e. from an official source) is given precedence over independent work.  This is not a statement of the quality of independent artists or a grab at more money by preferring subscribed content!  It’s merely that most users will expect this and could be confused by anything to the contrary.
  2. A region with established sub-regions is given precedence over others.  Since changing the map of a region on which other people have based their work could appear skewed (or perhaps even completely wrong), it’s best to stay with the status quo.
  3. Higher quality work will be given precedence over lower quality work including, but not limited to, the resolution of the map image.  This is very subjective and it’s likely that, regardless of the decision, someone will disagree.  C’est la vie.

These guidelines are exactly that: guidelines.  They are enforced solely at the discretion of the staff of Riverworth Systems and may be adjusted, skewed, or completely thrown-out on a case-by-case basis with no justification required.