Columbia Games is On-Board

Today I’m happy to announce that an agreement has been signed with Columbia Games, Inc. to bring their official Hârn content to Deity.  Conversion and submission of their entire lineup will take some time but we should have a few regions uploaded soon.

Deity for iPad Is Publicly Available

Version 0.12.0 of Deity for the iPad has passed Apple’s review and is now publicly available for anyone to install.  It’s still “beta” quality but there are no restrictions on its use.  Check it out! Android users can get access to the beta release by joining the associated Google+ group.

Web Client Available

A version of Deity made entirely for your web browser is now available! This version follows the same basic methodology of the Android and iPad versions of the program but has special features for map publishers to allow them to position new maps and get the locations of points-of-interest […]


Deity for iPad now in Beta

The iPad version of Deity has reached feature parity with the Android version and is now being released to select beta testers.

Deity Lives

After several months of work, Deity (for Android) is up and running, though currently only with sample content.  Maps, markers, layers, and subscriptions are all functional.